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VIVARIUM....a place to live. 


Vivarium is a sculpture series inspired by water pipes used throughout the construction industry.

This series hopes to raise awareness around the harmful impact of the construction industry on human life and the earth's natural habitat.    

Freestanding interlocking pieces mimic the (complicated) chain of destruction caused by this toxic industry, an industry that is responsible for 50% of all natural resource extraction worldwide, and contributes to a staggering 23% of air pollution, 50% of climatic change, 40% of water pollution, not to mention 50% of landfill wastes across the globe. 

The ultimate aim of Vivarium is to highlight the negative impact on the most modern addictions - CONSTRUCTION !

2022 -ongoing . Clay, glaze . H46xD12cm / H41xD8cm

Tutu Arel Film Photography 120mm

Lomography, 120mm . 2008 . Istanbul

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