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I started this series on a Sunday during lockdown when I felt stuck, both in the physical and emotional sense of the word. I put a chunk of clay in front of me, and began to play with it without any premeditation other than the urge to reflect my emotions. I let the medium to guide me, following the direction it wanted to go. The moment I felt relieved of my distress, the piece was finished. There was this wholesome form: the first tangled sculpture.


As I examined it, I felt deeply connected to this form that soothed me. The clay became an instrument to clarify and convey my emotions, like a heartbeat monitor that visualises our inner dynamics that constantly change in tandem with our subconscious.  


The overlapping limbs, which represented my diligence for progress and growth in defiance of anxiety, restraint and burden of the past, became literally more elevated in the ensuing works of the series, as if mirroring my liberation from these self-imposed obstructions, through this creative process. The negative space enveloping these fluid lines turned out to be an uncharted territory full of wonder, hope and endless possibilities for future. It is a room for magic that I believe the universe yields in its inexplicable ways.

Tangled I - 2020 . Clay, glaze, wood . H35xW25xD10cm

Tangled III - 2021 . Clay, glaze . H28xW22xD16cm

Tangled VIII - 2022 . Clay, glaze . H32xW40xD28cm

Tangled VII - 2022 . Clay, glaze . H40xW36xD13cm


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