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The Jump


Film Photography, Ilford 35mm


4 piece series in A4 Fine Art matte rag paper 300gsm

(first photo is not a part of the series please see the strip photo for the sequence)

Sold without frame.

Comes in a box.

Signed and numbered.


Please contact for indivual purhases and A2 size quote.




In the Jump series, the essence of summer on my cherished island is palpable. The air is thick with powerful energy that resonates in the uproarious laughter of strangers and the gentle rustle of the ocean breeze. The textures and grandeur of the rocks surrounding me move me to my very core, grounding me to the Earth and reminding me of the brevity of my own existence.


I've rented a pedal boat to visit one of my favorite rocks, an ancient goddess-like structure that calls to me. As I pedal towards it, my heart races with anticipation. And then, I see them. Two men perched quietly atop my beloved rock, gazing out into the distance with a look of intense concentration.


I feel a surge of excitement as I reach for my point-and-shoot camera, knowing that this moment is about to unfold into something magical. As I watch, the man and his companion make a decision that I know will change everything. They let themselves go, releasing all mental constraints and plunging headfirst into the unknown.


The first man steps forward, his descent heavy and deliberate, like a boulder falling down a mountain. I snap my camera, capturing him perfectly aligned on the pedal boat's rail, a moment of pure grace frozen in time. But then, his companion breaks into a run, back and forth, gaining momentum with each step. And just like that, he takes flight, soaring into the oblivion with wild abandon.

The pure ecstasy that courses through them both is electric, vibrating with energy that I can feel in every fiber of my being. As I take in this incredible moment, I am overcome with emotion. This feeling of euphoria has a powerful ripple effect, spreading outward and touching all those who bear witness to this raw and beautiful display of human spirit.


In the Jump Series, I have captured the very essence of life itself - the fleeting, uncontainable nature of human existence, and the endless possibilities that lie just beyond the edge of our comfort zones.


'The Jump' Analogue Series

  • A4 size

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