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A tribute to my Turkish roots and Anatolia,


This magical landmark has always been an inspiration to me. The forever valleys, cave structures, 60 million years of history, its sunsets and sunrises, the smell of the clay, beautiful textures of the chimneys and rock formations, the feeling of looking at humanities past as standing on the very same ground of untouched natural legacy.

In my Cappadocia series I started making vessels while dreaming about my visits, memories and the unforgettable sights of Cappadocia. I let the clay take shape as my mind was taking a journey between fairy chimneys and the Red Valley during a Cappadocia sunset. I wanted to create big wall installations, meter long vessels and even tiny objects to show my appreciation of this gift from our mother earth. Work in progress; some of the works are smaller for retail purposes and some will be kept for an exhibition ergo a large audience can meet with Cappadocia even if they weren't able to visit this magnificent plateau.

-Eleven piece series. Each work is only edition of itself. 2021-ongoing

Cappadocia Vessel 2021 . Clay, glaze . H51xW19xD18cm

Cappadocia Women 2021 . Clay, glaze . H42xW16xD17cm

Untitled (Dark Side) 2021 . Clay, glaze . H46xD36cm

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